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Ecovie is the exclusive distributor for Intewa for the USA. Since 2014 Ecovie & INTEWA have been working together to bring innovative products and solutions into on-site water management.


ecovie innovative on-site water management

Ecovie & INTEWA have developed proprietary technology including AQUALOOP, the only NSF 350 C certified grey water system by NSF international and PURAIN self-cleaning filters. Inspired by nature, Ecovie & INTEWA lead product innovation in on-site water management and water reuse applications.


certified water management solutions

We maintain the highest quality and standards across all products and systems through 3rd party certification, careful supervision of suppliers and separate quality assurance procedures. We provide a 2-year warranty on all INTEWA products we sell.

Expert Knowledge

expert on-site water management

We thrive on collaborating with a wide network of customers, universities, engineering firms, installers, and business partners. Our expert knowledge enables us to stay ahead of the industry to provide the best solutions in water management.

The Ecovie Team

We are dedicated to creating water resilient communities, one building at a time, by designing and delivering innovative on-site water management systems. We achieve this through our significant experience in on-site water management and the strength of our industry network.

Bob Drew, Ecovie Founder

Bob Drew

Founder and CEO

Bob's passion for nature and water began during his formative years in Wisconsin, where he grew up in the water-abundant great lakes region. Along the way, he joined Kimberly Clark Corporation, where he spent five and a half years as an engineer in a California paper mill. Through his water management efforts, he cut water usage while improving factory production and quality. The water savings generated, of a million gallons a day, is equivalent to the average water consumption of a town of 12,500 people.

In his career at Kimberly Clark, where he worked for more than 20 years, Bob held positions in Engineering and Research & Development (R&D) in the USA, Latin America, and Europe, managing large innovation and engineering projects.

Bob holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Wisconsin and an MBA from UCLA. He speaks English and Spanish fluently.

Mercedes Bazterrica, Ecovie Partner

Mercedes Bazterrica

Partner and COO

Mercedes is passionate about the environment and making this world a better place for all. Mercedes grew up in Spain and France. She held marketing and general management roles in Tupperware Brands, Kimberly Clark, and Reckitt Benckiser, in Europe, Latin America, and the USA.

She holds an M.S. in European Economy & Administration from the CEU de Nancy (France) and a degree in Economics & Business Administration from Deusto Business School (Bilbao, Spain). Mercedes speaks Spanish, French, and English fluently.

Bob Hitchner - VP Business Development

Bob Hitchner

VP Business Development

Bob arrived at formative insights about the use of water and energy in the built environment when he lived in urban Japan early in his career. An early insight was that water and energy use are impacted not just by technology or by design practices like recycling and reuse, but also by the compact nature of living space design.

When you live in compact spaces and in close proximity to (many!) others, the per capita use of water and energy for landscape irrigation and space conditioning goes way down -- even without good insulation, which was long the case with Japanese homes. Today's interest in Tiny Homes reflects a similar recognition about how lifestyle itself, not just technology, impacts our use of water and energy.

The transformation of the built environment to wiser use of water requires both innovative solutions as well as creative systems thinking about the sources and uses of water at the level of each individual project. It also requires forward-thinking project owners and design professionals who will connect the dots between the project on the drawing board and how we can build resiliency against changes in water availability during its projected lifetime.

Bob has worked with water heating and water reuse solutions since 2005 when he joined the Paloma Group, parent to Rheem Water Heating, to work in gas tankless water heating. In his day to day work, he leverages where he can a liberal arts degree in East Asian Studies from Harvard University along with a high level of fluency in the Japanese language.

Annie Wong, Office Manager

Annie Wong

Executive Assistant & Office Manager
Mark Fijo II - Logistics Assistant

Mark Fijo II

Logistics Assistant
Teodora Thompson, Brand Marketing, Brands on Digital

Teodora Thompson

Marketing Communications
Lupita Bustos, Ecovie Business Development Manager

Lupita Bustos

Business Development Manager
Daniela Ayala - Marketing & Sales Assistant

Daniela Ayala

Marketing & Sales Assistant

Intewa Support Team

Oliver Ringelstein, Intewa CEO

Oliver Ringelstein

& Managing Director

Engineer Degree

Michael Wurzer

INTEWA Product Development
& Product Management

Engineer Degree

Hildegard von Heel-Ringelstein,INTEWA Marketing

Hildegard von Heel-Ringelstein

INTEWA Sales &
Marketing Manager

Engineer Degree