Aqualoop Greywater System Updates

As many of you know, Aqualoop is a water treatment technology used for treatment of a variety of water sources for use on-site.  The most common application is for greywater recycling. 

Aqualoop is certified for this purpose with its NSF 350 listing for commercial scale treatment of domestic bath/shower and laundry water for non-potable uses. 

Aqualoop is also used for rainwater and stormwater treatment for on-site use.  In the case of rainwater, Aqualoop treated water reaches drinking water quality.  Other uses include treating water from blackwater primary treatment and water from surface water and groundwater sources such as streams, lakes, and wells. See our portfolio for some examples of projects

greywater recycling system aqualoop

Aqualoop Greywater Recycling

Recent product updates

Below are some recent developments regarding Aqualoop for greywater recycling including our updated NSF listing, new Aqualoop Model numbers, and specifications to reflect these updates!

NSF Listing Update:

The Aqualoop NSF 350 (C) listing has been updated to be more straightforward and understandable to property owners, regulators, and engineers.   Some new models, the GW3600L and GW5400L, were added to show larger daily average capacities.

NSF has confirmed that there is no prohibition against using multiple units to attain higher flows.  For example, two GW5400L units can be used in parallel to achieve an average daily rated capacity in increments of 1427 GPD to reach larger capacity. 

Ecovie and Intewa review these designs to assure they meet all design scale up criteria.  A summary of these criteria is shown on the updated specification sheet (CUT sheet) for the new models.  In addition, an updated user manual for Aqualoop is being developed to cover the new model designation. 

New Models

Ecovie is introducing a new model numbering which matches the Intewa worldwide Aqualoop model numbers and the NSF 350 listing.  This covers products meant for single family residences through large commercial scale installations.  The NSF 350 listing had previously shown model from GW300L through GW1800L.  Models GW3600L and GW5400L have been added which scale to up to 1427 GPD per unit.  In addition, designers can use multiple NSF 350 listed units to scale to larger systems.

Please see the updated specification sheet covering these clarifications.  Note that the specification indicates how to size each Aqualoop system; bioreactor sizing, blower sizing, MBR growth media, etc.  Each Aqualoop model includes the following:

  • Membrane Cartridges
  • Membrane Station
  • Controller
  • Blower
  • Growth media

Updated Technical Resource Library

Our technical library has been updated to include all the Aqualoop specifications including the updated specification sheets. To view all the updated technical library documents please sign up below to gain full access.

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