Recycling Wastewater To Make Beer

There are more breweries in California than anywhere else in the nation. That’s great for beer, but not so great for another cherished liquid in the Golden State: WATER.

Each pint of beer needs five pints of water to be produced. Lenny Mendonca, owner of the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, thinks he has a solution. He’s been experimenting with using recycled wastewater to make beer.

Watch the video from Bloomberg to find our more about how they have gone about this unique solution to making beer when water supplies can be costly and limited.

They view the innovative process as a chance to helping people understand the value of water and redefine the understanding of wastewater. So that is not something that you should be scared of, it should be something that is interesting and different.

Not only does this process use less water it also yields great results in the form of a fine beer.  In the blind tasting by their competitors it was indistinguishable from the other beers. However good it tastes, for the moment until regulation passes it, it can’t be sold. Lenny believes it is only a matter of time before they get the green light.

Either way it is great publicity for the brewery. In a crowded marketplace, it will surely be the innovative breweries like Half Moon Bay that will benefit from new regulations when they come into place.

Regulations since 2016 have greatly improved in the industry. With the introduction of NSF350 & NSF350(C) for commercial certification of recycled water use, making recycled water for commercial use has become a viable option. The Aqualoop system offered by Ecovie is NSF350c certified and provides a great solutions for businesses looking to recycle water for reuse onsite. That could be for example taking used shower water and treating it onsite for the use of flushing toilets or watering communal gardens.