Earth Day 2021: Climate Change is Happening Now

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Ecovie believes the world’s water challenges are solvable and is doing its part through its innovative onsite water systems for rainwater collection and greywater recycling.

We, its inhabitants, survive thanks to the water the earth is providing to us. But lately, due to our radical change in lifestyle, the earth’s water has been under turmoil. A vital part of our water supply is the potable water that is available. Most cities have potable water supply challenges in water scarcity and/or water contamination. Potable water scarcity is prevalent in geographic areas with risks to droughts, such as California or Texas. Water contamination is created by floods, discharge of fats, oils, and greases, building discharges, overloaded treatment plants, mined limestone quarries, saltwater intrusion, leaking septic tanks, and leaking superfund sites. Many of us do not think enough about the availability of potable water, which is the most urgent need we must address before it is too late.

By managing on-site water, Ecovie believes it is possible to create a safe water supply for potable and non-potable needs while helping to conserve the Earth’s potable water stock. Treating rainwater, greywater or black water, insulates us from water shortages while reducing demand from aquifers and reservoirs. Cutting wastewater and stormwater discharge keeps our cities growing and our water source cleaner. Using on-site water provides emergency water supply in crisis time.

Ecovie onsite water management. Building Water Resilient Communities one building at a time

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