Ecovie is proud to be exhibiting at the Storm Expo 2022 Miami Beach Convention Center

Miami StormEXPO, Miami Convention Center— In the aftermath of a hurricane or any large storm, power may be out and drinking water may not be available, with pumps shut down contaminated water sources.  This causes unprepared people to rely on water shipped in from the outside until local potable water sources are back up and running.  This is a high cost, unreliable, and unsafe solution. 

With prior planning, this situation can be avoided.  With some areas having an increase in annual storms, solutions are needed.  Even in normal times, water scarcity and contamination can be problems.  In an overview presentation, Bob Drew, Founder and CEO of Ecovie Water Management, will summarize methods for providing emergency temporary water (and permanent water!) from local sources at both a small and large scale.

Ideally properties and communities have local cistern tanks to capture water from rooftops.  Then, when the storm passes, these tanks are full to the brim and ready for use.  Or, maybe there are nearby waterways or lakes.  Maybe municipal water is available but contaminated.  Regardless, Bob will show how these available sources can be used to provide clean and plentiful potable water meeting EPA standards.   The session should be of interest by government disaster preparedness groups to state and local authorities, building and home owners, especially where big storms are prevalent.

  • Use small portable systems to filter hundreds of gallons of rainwater or surface water with ZERO electricity. Think of it as a big version of your kitchen water filter.
  • Treat thousands of gallons per day in a bigger version suited for small neighborhoods or communities. This is an even bigger gravity filter.
  • Use portable, trailer-based units to bring in for disaster relief using the same technology using pumps to aid throughput.
  • Have permanent fixed rainwater systems on-site for drinking water with or without electricity. Capture water full time and be ready for the next storm!

Join Ecovie Water Management at Booth 1220, along with many the world’s leading exhibitors on February 7th and 8th for the Storm Expo Miami 2022.  The presentation will take place on Tuesday, Theater 4 at 12:30pm, Miami Beach Convention Centre. To learn more please visit

For more information contact Ecovie at +1- 305-928-6343.

Storm Expo 2022