Ecovie is proud to showcase its cutting-edge environmental solutions at the upcoming Natural Disasters Expo 2023 Miami Beach Convention Center

Ecovie is proud to present its groundbreaking exhibition at the 2023 Natural Disasters Expo, taking place at Miami Beach Convention Center. Our cutting-edge display will demonstrate how revolutionary technology can be used to mitigate the impact of natural disasters. Don’t miss your chance to explore this interactive experience!

Water Contamination Risks Facing Miami

The challenges facing Miami water contamination have been escalating to new heights. Flooding, discharge of fats, oil and greases, buildings discharge, overloaded treatment plants, mined limestone quarries, saltwater intrusion, leaking septic tanks and cracked superfund sites, are all contamination problems on their own. When all of them are considered together, we can easily reach a […]

Ecovie Creates Innovative Water Management Solutions for Commercial and Residential Settings

We design and deliver on-site water management solutions for commercial and select residential scale Water is one of our more precious resources. At Ecovie, we believe that decentralized water management is necessary to help assure everyone has clean and plentiful water. Potable water scarcity, water quality, water discharge, and storm water runoff are real issues […]

Ecovie Disaster Water Management Initiatives

The team at ECOVIE just recently returned from the 2022 Water Expo in Miami, Florida. Considering the severity of hurricane Ian, it has never been more pertinent to discuss potential decentralized water reuse solutions for commercial and residential applications. Water quality, stormwater runoff, water discharge and water scarcity are four of the top priorities addressed […]

What is the NSF 350 Greywater Certification?

Greywater Certification What is the NSF 350 Greywater Certification? Greywater certification through NSF 350 is a rigorous process manufacturers pursue to display the NSF mark on their products. This process includes 26-weeks of continuous third-party testing during which system maintenance or process adjustments are not allowed, a review of design specification compliance, and a satisfactory […]

Bringing awareness to the issue of water scarcity

Water is a valuable legacy for our future generations!  Let’s face the issue of the world water problems. As World Water Day 2022 took place last week to remind us of the importance of water scarcity.  Its focus on groundwater is still unnoticed but has a significant impact on all of us.   Groundwater makes […]