The Case For Rainwater Recycling

You may intuitively know that rainwater recycling for your home or business makes sense — now you have the facts that back it up.

As clean, fresh water is becoming more scarce and more expensive, and flooding and erosion damage from storm water runoff becomes more costly to repair, rainwater collection makes more sense than ever. Add the environmental benefits, the sustainability benefits (personal, local and global) and the increasing evidence that municipal water supplies deliver poor quality water into your home, and it’s clear the time to capture and use rainwater is now.

Here’s a quick overview of why collecting rainwater collection is an intelligent, cost-effective and responsible action to take. The Ecovie team invites you to review the information here and give us a call. We are delighted to have a conversation with you and answer any questions. Whether you are interested in installing a rainwater collection system or not, It is our deep belief that you will find your intuition is right.