Wastewater Basics

First, a quick primer on wastewater types: Graywater comprises wastewater from sinks, dishwashers, drinking fountains, showers, and laundry facilities. In commercial settings, cooling-tower blowdown and water used for cleaning equipment may also fall into this classification. Graywater does not include water that might have come into contact with fecal matter. It may be subdivided into […]

Melting Glaciers: Effects & Causes

Things around us are constantly changing and developing. In the next 30 years we will see so many technological advances, constructions and inventions that will for sure make our lives easier than what we are experiencing now and definitely easier than what are ancestors living in their caves had experienced. However what would happen if […]

Why Save Water?

Clean, fresh water is a limited resource. With all the severe droughts happening in the world, the limited supply of fresh water is becoming one of our most precious resources. Every person on earth needs water to survive. Without it, many of us would get sick and even result in death. While almost 70% of […]

Can Rainwater Collection Solve Climate Change?

Global climate change is considered to be a defining issue. As the occurrence of extreme weather conditions, such as extensive drought periods and devastating hurricanes, continue around the world, researchers have turned to rainwater harvesting as a potential solution. Impact of Climate Change on Water As temperatures around the world continue to rise, the water […]

Artemis Water Strategy Webinar Series

Confronting misconceptions about water availability and offering information about solutions that are available now and in development were the key subjects of “Water in Real Estate — Resilient Operations for Thirsty Times,” a recent webinar presented by the Artemis Project. The San Francisco-based consulting firm focuses on helping companies thrive in a water-challenged world. “Historically, […]

How Singapore is using technology to solve its water shortage

Singapore (CNN Business)Singapore uses about 430 million gallons of water every day — a number it expects could double in the next four decades. That kind of consumption is piling pressure on the Asian city state to address growing concerns about global water scarcity. So it’s building new technology to prepare itself for a future […]