Turkey’s dam-building program could generate fresh conflict in the Middle East

Countries across the Middle East are facing a bleak future of declining rainfall, diminishing surface- and groundwater supplies, and increasing desertification. Since 1998, the region has faced the worst drought conditions in 900 years; it is home to 10 of the 17 countries that are currently facing ‘extremely high’ water stress. Soaring temperatures across the […]

‘Forever Chemicals’ in Over 500 N.J. Water Systems and Sources – More Than 1,000 Contamination Sites Nationwide

The toxic fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS have been detected in more than 500 New Jersey drinking water systems and groundwater sources, according to the latest state and federal data compiled and mapped by EWG. The 470 new detections reported as of August by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, or DEP, bring the […]

Report: Evidence of groundwater contamination at Coleto Creek Power Plant

The Coleto Creek Power Plant in Goliad was among 16 coal plants in Texas that contaminated nearby groundwater with pollutants linked to coal ash at levels that would be unsafe for human consumption, according to a report released by the Environmental Integrity Project. Coal combustion residuals, known as coal ash, are byproducts of the combustion […]

Ceres report calls on food companies to use water resources more efficiently

Non-profit organization Ceres is calling on major food companies to adopt stronger practices to reduce the demand and impact on limited water resources. In response to the effects of climate change having unprecedented strains on water resources, Ceres has requested that food companies scale action to conserve water. In its third edition of Feeding Ourselves […]

Re-using grey water is a sustainable alternative in times of drought

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) has published a South African National Standard (SANS) that sets the guidelines and requirements for grey water reuse systems. SANS 1732: 2019 provides for single re-use of grey water for sub-surface irrigation of gardens and the treatment of grey water for flushing toilets. “In a water scarce South […]

World’s greenest senior living community breaks ground in Seattle

Many say the baby boomers don’t care about the climate crisis because they’ll be dead when the worst hits the fan, but that’s not true; as we wrote earlier, Baby boomers will be among the hardest hit by climate change. Many people hitting 65 today are still going to be around in 2050, and at […]