How did TCPalm uncover problems with BMAP? Here’s an overview of our reporting process

TCPalm’s exclusive investigation of Florida’s flagship program to limit nutrient pollution flowing into Lake Okeechobee is the first to show that every single rainfall runoff drainage basin around the lake with available data exceeds the state limit.

Reporting on the Basin Management Action Plans (BMAP) wasn’t simple. It required a lot of research, interviews, records requests and data analysis to uncover problems.

Read the full investigation and see the map and all the charts.

To understand the amount of pollution entering Lake O, reporters Sydney CzyzonMax Chesnes and Lindsey Leake relied on water quality monitoring data tracked by the South Florida Water Management District. That data is in the SFWMD’s Environmental Reports for 2021 and 2022in the chapters detailing water quality around Lake O.

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