Top 10 LEED-Certified Buildings in Illinois in 2019

Chicago’s Wacker Drive is an architectural paradise with exceptional attention to green building practices. But sustainability goes beyond Wacker Drive.

Advancing further along our journey in assembling the country’s most notable buildings that received the highest levels of LEED certifications in 2019, we’ve made our next stop in Illinois. The Midwestern state continued to make good strides in embracing sustainable building practices. After an exceptional 2018, when it came in at No. 1 on the U.S. Green Building Council’s Top 10 States for LEED list, it occupied the second position in the agency’s ranking for LEED certification in 2019.

In early July 2020, Illinois had a total of 727 LEED-certified or recertified buildings at the Gold and Platinum levels. Of these, 50 received the designation in 2019, five fewer than in 2018. Half of the awarded projects were office properties and the other half included multiple property types such as education and medical facilities, single-family homes, and hospitality and retail assets. We’re taking a closer look at LEED-certified office buildings and sorting them based on their scorecards. Check out our findings in the list below, with some details about each project.

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