Water Conservation for Future Generation

Saving water saves lives. Since water is essential for life itself, we need to conserve it for future generation. Nowadays, we use and misused water much than what we need. Everyone must know that it is our primary duty to learn the importance of it and how easy it would be to take action now before it’s too late.

Conservation is defined as “the act of preserving, guarding and protecting or wise use of environment or its natural resources.” It can be done or start even on the small amount of adjustments that could possibly turn out into a big blast in conserving more water now and for future use.

It can simply start with you or in your own home. It is now time to make those simple plans for saving water every day. Sometimes we don’t care how much water we waste in doing our daily chores. There are those simple ways in which we take water for granted like for instance when brushing teeth or washing hands we use to let tap water flow instead of turning it off to reduce waste.

It is actually a matter of mind over matter. We only need to remember always how precious water is every time we use it like when taking a bath, washing clothes, flushing the toilet or even just watering plants in order for us to easily conserve and protect it.

Water recycling could be best done too! You can cut down your water usage through proper recycling in your home. You can start up from your kitchen wherein you can save those leftover drinking water to be used for other possible purposes.

You can also save those rinsed water out from your laundry for flushing the toilet, or you can simply adjust the water flush to minimize the use of it. Remember that tap water is treated and already passed the SDWA standard, so it needs to be controlled most of the time for drinking purposes.

What will happen to the next generation?

If exploitation would still prevail, what will happen to the next generation? Maybe there would be a war for just a pail or with just a glass of water? Or war between strong nations around the world just for the sake of one fourth of that 1% fresh water availability left for them? Better think twice.

Maybe there would never be generation next to us if water exploitation will still prevail these days. Better yet preservation should be given outmost priority now before it’s too late for us to notice that water resources are almost dying. It is our great responsibility for them to pass on those natural resources unharmed for them to cherish too.

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