AQUALOOP System Passes NSF350 C Certification

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The AQUALOOP greywater recycling system is now certified under NSF350 C for bath and laundry recycling at the commercial (C) level, making it the first and only system of its kind to pass these rigorous standards.

This is an important development for the entry of AQUALOOP into the US market since a number of code bodies require NSF 350 listing for any greywater system that will reuse treated greywater indoors.

The following four following plumbing and building codes require NSF/ANSI 350 certification for toilet and urinal flushing.

  1. 2015 International Residential Code
  2. 2015 International Plumbing Code
  3. 2015 Uniform Plumbing Code
  4. 2105 International Green Construction Code
Aqualoop water recycling Ecovie Water Management
Aqualoop water recycling Ecovie Water Management

The NSF 350 certification helps assure that greywater treated with the AQUALOOP system is suitable for indoor use, can be used for spray irrigation, and is not just sub-surface drip like most other types of greywater treatment.  NSF 350 also assures that Aqualoop treated water can be stored for extended periods and is not subject to the typical requirement that untreated greywater be used or dumped within 24 hours.  As state and local codes adopt these national and international standards, NSF 350 will become a necessity for any greywater process.

The NSF certification process entails a rigorous 6 month operating test in which no maintenance is allowed and water is tested 3 times a week for a wide range of parameters including turbidity, BOD (biological oxygen demand) and biological activity (e.coli proxy).  The water tests for commercial listing are more stringent than the residential listing and as such makes the commercial listing much more difficult to achieve.  In addition, the commercial test is 4.5 weeks longer than the residential test.

Of special note is that the Aqualoop MBR (membrane bioreactor) process is simple with a only three basic steps; pre-filtration, biological digestion through aeration in a fluidized bed, and ultrafiltration.  NO additional disinfection was required to meet the NSF 350 water quality standard.  This mean there is no need for a UV unit or chlorine addition.  This help reduce capital cost, maintenance, and reliability.  Due to the membrane filter cartridge design, the system is scalable from small residential to large scale commercial sized systems.

If interested in learning more about Aqualoop, please get in contact or visit our product page Aqualoop Greywater Recycling or for further project references.