Rancho Cienega Sports Complex Installs an Aqualoop Packaged Greywater Recycling System

Pre-assembled, packaged Aqualoop greywater recycling systems for commercial-scale projects offer many advantages over systems assembled on-site with locally supplied or pour-in-place concrete tanks.  Engineering and design time is greatly reduced because tank sizes, penetrations, with plumbing and electrical connections are all set. Likewise, installation time and complexity are greatly reduced with minimal assembly and connections required.  This all leads to reduce engineering and installation costs with faster start-up and system reliability.

There are three main commercial-scale NSF 350 certified sizes of Aqualoop packaged systems, the GW1800L, GW3600L, and GW5400L.  All come with fittings and filtration installed, and key equipment assembled.  Similar to a skid based solution, all that is required for installation is to connect the control panel, power, and hook up the plumbing.  Aqualoop’s patented and NSF 350 certified MBR technology assures high water quality with low maintenance.  The technology is scalable to any capacity by installing multiple NSF 350 (C) certified packaged units in parallel.

Each packaged system is shipped shop tested and ready for electrical and plumbing hook-up, with a complete drawing set, submittal package, and O&M manual.

Let’s look at one example of a packaged GW5400L Aqualoop system that is being installed at Rancho Cienega Sports Complex.

A packaged Aqualoop system is being delivered to the Rancho Cienega Sports Complex in Los Angeles to collect greywater from showers to be used for toilet flushing and irrigation of the sports fields.  The Rancho Cienega packaged Aqualoop system is an NSF 350 certified GW5400L which is rated for an average of 1428 gallons of greywater per day.  The two tanks used for the system are 1325 gallons capacity each.  The tanks come with all fittings mounted, the pre-filter and float switches installed.  The touch screen Intewa connect controller has BacNet and internet connections for remote monitoring, alerts, and program updates.  The integral membrane cleaning further reduces the need for on-site maintenance.

Intewa Packaged GW5400L
Intewa Packaged GW5400L


Project Team:

Ecovie Water Management is supplying the system through its Southern California manufacturer’s representative, Weil Aquatronics in Norwalk, CA.  The installing contractor is Kincaid Industries of Thousand Palms, CA with Anaheim, CA-based Pinner Construction as the GC.  The system design was coordinated by engineering firm Buro Happold.