Aqualoop Greywater Recycling for Single Family Homes

Aqualoop greywater recycling systems are particularly suited for single family home installation. With its NSF350 C certification, home owners can be assured that the system will have the lowest possible maintenance while meeting approved water quality for spray irrigation, toilet flushing, and other non-potable uses and can be stored for extended periods after treatment.


While Aqualoop scales to large commercial projects, it’s compact and easy to maintain patented membrane cartridge design makes it possible to have a reliable mini-wastewater treatment plant in your basement or yard.  Aqualoop’s versatility allows it to be installed in many tank configurations depending on-site needs with above and below ground options available.

Aqualoop Featured Residential Example

Our feature project is installed in Irvine, CA by Water Recycling Systems of Redondo Beach.  Shower, laundry, and bathroom sink flows to the Aqualoop system for treatment.  In this case, the system treats between 80 and 160 gallons of greywater per day for irrigation.  That adds up to almost 60,000 gallons per year.

This Aqualoop system uses compact fiberglass basins for its twin tank arrangement of bioreactor and treated water holding tank with everything located in the client basement.  The system has been up and running for over a year with great results.  After Aqualoop treatment, the water is no longer considered greywater and in fact is far closer to potable water than it is to greywater.  This is what allows Aqualoop to meet the stringent NSF350 C water quality standards.


In addition to superior water quality and ultra-low maintenance mentioned above, why should a homeowner consider Aqualoop over other greywater alternatives?

  1.  Permitting:  Aqualoop with NSF350 C certification usually makes permitting far easier for new construction.  In many locations, NSF350 C is specifically listed as part of the local guidelines.  For example, Los Angeles County requires either NSF350 C or an onerous 6-month test for single-family homes that install a greywater system for indoor use.  In Florida, NSF350 C is an absolute requirement for greywater systems.  Aqualoop is the only system NSF350 C certified for greywater recycling.
  2. Storage:  Greywater left untreated turns into stinky blackwater with a few days.  Greywater treated to NSF350 C standards is not any longer greywater and can be stored for extended periods.  Greywater systems without NSF350 C certification may be susceptible to problems when the water is stored for over 24 hours.

The Bottom Line:

Aqualoop greywater recycling can reduce household municipal or well water consumption by over 40% and do the same for wastewater discharge.  This goes a long way toward being water independent and alleviating water stress in drought-stricken areas.  This can translate into hundreds and in some places, thousands of dollars saved on water bills over the course of a year.  In fact in places like Atlanta, or Seattle, or San Francisco, ROI’s can beat stock market returns in single-family homes!

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Also, please check out our technical library for brochures & technical documents relating to the Aqualoop greywater recycling system and its installation.