Ecovie Introduces Intewa Connect Controller For Commercial Scale Aqualoop NSF 350

NSF350 CertificationMulti station controller Lucas Museum Ecovie Water ManagementEcovie introduces the Intewa Connect controller for commercial-scale Aqualoop NSF 350 certified greywater systems. Intewa Connect performs all control functions for greywater treatment and monitoring for systems of our GW5400L units, including our automatic membrane cleaning system.  With one central touch screen interface, the system scales to multiple units to scale to a greywater system that can treat over 30,000 gallons of building greywater per day. 

Data is collected on system performance, water usage, city water usage reduction and reports it through the local building management system (BMS) via MODBUS or BacNet.  In addition, there is full remote monitoring and programming, Smartphone and PC alerts, and program updates through encrypted HTTPS connection or VPN.

The net effect is an already reliable NSF 350 listed system is even more reliable and easy to design, install, and run.  Click here for the specification sheet.

Intewa Ecovie Water Management Water System Controller Aqualoop