Ecovie Disaster Water Management Initiatives

The team at ECOVIE just recently returned from the 2022 Water Expo in Miami, Florida. Considering the severity of hurricane Ian, it has never been more pertinent to discuss potential decentralized water reuse solutions for commercial and residential applications. Water quality, stormwater runoff, water discharge and water scarcity are four of the top priorities addressed by ECOVIE.

ECOVIE believes that decentralized water management is the solution to many water issues. The reuse of greywater and the collection and use of rainwater can be life-saving water resilience strategies.

By taking action to prevent and address these pressing issues, individuals in local and regional communities can find relief in high-risk areas. Top industry and government specialists are working towards improving good quality water access to all communities.

ECOVIE leads with research, education, and reputable solutions. By collaborating with engineers and architects, the framework for effective water management can easily be put in place as a preventive measure for water-resilient communities.

Ecovie is excited to keep expanding its outreach throughout the rest of 2022, with more live events and conferences to spread the word about innovative water  management solutions. Ecovie will be exhibiting at the GREENBUILD event on November 1st at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

GREENBUILD is a conference where green energy businesses come together to reimagine what it means to build a greener world. This year GREENBUILD is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Bob Drew Takes Center Stage at GREENBUILD Atlanta 2019 Presenting Ecovie Water Management

GREENBUILD connects industry professionals including architects, consultants, sustainability managers, engineers, and sustainability end-users to discuss environmentally friendly initiatives for the future.

At this event, ECOVIE will be participating as an exhibitor showcasing how to reuse greywater and collect and use rainwater to create water-resilient communities and even save lives. If you want to join them, ECOVIE  will be at Booth 1243 on November 1st and 2nd. More information about joining ECOVIE at this event can be found here.

Additionally, ECOVIE will be a part of the NATURAL DISASTER EXPO on November 9th-10th in Anaheim, California at booth number 841. This is the USA’s leading event for natural disasters with fronts on Heat & Fire, Flood, Storms and Earthquakes. Attendees can expect to learn about the latest, tools, strategies, and professional tactics from investment and global leaders in the industry.

ECOVIE’s Founder, Robert Drew, was chosen as an industry leader and a Keynote Speaker at this annual prestigious event. Drew has been passionate about water since his early years in Wisconsin. When he was an engineer in a California paper mill, he significantly cut down on water usage and improved production processes. Through his efforts, he saved over a million gallons of water a day, equivalent to the water consumption of a small town.

Drew founded Ecovie to lead the way in on-site water recycling solutions for preventative and emergency water disruption solutions. Drew’s presentation On-site Water Recycling Solutions for Preventive and Emergency Water Disruption Situations will be live from 12:30 pm-1:30 pm in theater four on Tuesday of the event.

We can live without food for 2 or 3 weeks, but only 3 days without water. We can become more resilient to water disruption. We will explore the applications and opportunities to respond to emergency and everyday situations to assure a safe and resilient water supply through potable rainwater use and greywater recycling using NSF-certified processes.

ECOVIE is a US Leader in onsite water management for residential and commercial applications. They look forward to connecting with professionals in the industry and offering lasting solutions with their NSF350C-certified processes.

More information about joining ECOVIE’s Robert Drew at the NATURAL DISASTER EXPO can be found here. Ecovie is proud to be part of a more resilient future with clean and abundant water for everyone.