Ecovie Key Projects

Michelle Barack Obama Sports Complex#Aqualoop

Michelle Barack Obama Sports Complex

Los Angeles, CA Close

The approachable athletics center is situated within a sprawling 24-acre Recreation and Parks Department site where the former Rancho Cienega Sports Complex stood...

DSG Sacramento CA#Aqualoop

DSG Sacramento CA

Los Angeles, CA Close

Sacramento, CA – Installation is underway for a 2,850 gallon per day Aqualoop greywater system for the State of California’s LEED Platinum DGS Natural Resources Building in Sacramento, CA... Read More

Georgia Piedmont Technical College#Aqualoop

Georgia Piedmont Technical College

Clarkston, GA Close
Key Project Greenway Meadows#Aqualoop

Key Project Greenway Meadowsa

Los Angeles, CA Close

Pre-assembled, packaged Aqualoop greywater recycling systems for commercial-scale projects offer many advantages over systems assembled on-site with locally supplied or pour-in-place concrete tanks... Read More

Aqualoop Greywater System Approved for Downtown Los Angeles High Rise#Aqualoop

Aqualoop Greywater System

Los Angeles, CA Close

A large-scale Aqualoop greywater recycling system with NSF 350 certification for commercial-scale buildings has been approved without restrictions by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety... Read More

eataly los angeles, ca#Eataly


Los Angeles, CA Close

First greywater recycling system permitted in the City of Los Angeles, for toilet flushing and spray irrigation. Projected to treat and supply 400,000 gallons of water per year. Read More

world bank head offices#World Bank

World Bank Offices

Kabul, Afghanistan Close

Combination rainwater and greywater system, for toilet flushing. Projected to supply water up to 750,000 gallons per year.

UBER offices, San Francisco, CA#UBER

UBER Head Office

San Francisco, CA Close

Combination rainwater and greywater system, for toilet flushing. Projected to supply up to 700,000 gallons per year.

gulf state park, Interpretive Center, Gulf Shores, AL#Gulf State Park

Gulf State Park

Interpretive Center, Gulf Shores, AL Close

Living building challenge (LBC) commercial potable rainwater system, as the facility’s sole water supply, with no well or municipal water back up supply. Water will be used for all building needs including drinking water and non-potable uses. Read More

ncr head office atlanta#NCR Head Office

NCR Headquarters

Atlanta, GA Close

LEED building with rainwater and nuisance groundwater collection and treatment to use for cooling tower make-up, irrigation, and toilet flushing. Projected to supply 5 million gallons per year. Read More

st josephs hospital#St Joseph Hospital

St Joseph Hospital

Atlanta, GA Close

Rainwater and HVAC condensate collection system, for irrigation. Supplying 248,000 gallons of water per year since 2010.

veterans village#Veterans Village

Mather Veterans Village

Sacramento, CA Close

Greywater system for landscape irrigation, supplying 470,000 gallons of water per year since 2016. Read More

university of georgia#University of Georgia

University of Georgia

Marine Extension Campus, Savannah, GA Close

Rainwater collection system for drip irrigation, supplying 248,000 gallons of water per year since 2011.

interface building, atlanta, ga#Interface


Atlanta, GA Close

WELL certified rainwater collection system for toilet flushing and city water treatment skid to meet WELL drinking water standards.

turner field#Turner Field

Turner Field

Atlanta, GA Close

Rainwater collection system to help irrigate plants, clean the outfield plaza and create public awareness on water.

Coin Laundry, Hapeville, GA#Coin Laundry

Coin Laundry

Hapeville, GA Close

Rainwater collection and treatment to supply water to washing machines, supplying 186,000 gallons of water per year since 2013.

manheim car auction atlanta, ga#Manheim Auction House

Manheim Car Auctions

Atlanta, GA Close

Rainwater collection system for car washing and auction preparation, supplying 1 million gallons of water annually since 2014.

sandy springs#Hammond Park

Hammond Park

Sandy Springs, GA Close

Storm water management and rainwater collection, solving a serious erosion problem and supplying water for irrigation.

Oliver House Senior Living Center, Decatur, GA#Oliver House

Oliver House,
Senior Living Center

Decatur, GA Close

Rainwater and HVAC condensate collection system, installed in 2011 to provide toilet flushing and courtyard irrigation for 88 unit facility, supplying 380,000 gallons of water per year.