Aqualoop Greywater Recycling

aqualoop greywater recycling
Eataly Restaurant L.A uses Aqualoop to meet 33% of the restaurant’s toilet flushing water demand.


grey water recycling

The only greywater system tested and certified by NSF international to the NSF 350C standard for commercial and residential applications.

AQUALOOP processes water from virtually any source, but it shines in its application with greywater recycling for non-potable uses. Its patented MB-MBR ultra-filter removes 99.9999% bacteria (6 Log) and 99.77% viruses (3 Log), providing excellent water quality.

  • Greywater from showers, laundry, and bathroom sinks
  • Rainwater from any rooftop
  • Other surface waters – lakes, rivers, ponds
  • Primary wastewater plant discharge.

The system can be scaled to any capacity and the components can be assembled as required or delivered in a packaged solution, offering flexibility to ensure the best results in every situation.

AQUALOOP can be scaled to any capacity from a large 20,000 gallon per day commercial or industrial application down to a 50 gallon per day single family residential system.

AQUALOOP Technology

The Aqualoop greywater treatment technology is a moving bed-membrane bioreactor MB-MBR which sounds very high tech and complicated. Let’s break it down. It is not that complicated.

NSF 350 Certification


Grey Water Recycling System

Benefits Include
  • NSF 350 Certified for grey water recycling
  • Rainwater and surface water treatment for potable water use
  • Scalable to any size
  • Low maintenance
Technical PDF Downloads
  • Certifications Reports
  • Drawings
  • Installation and User Manual
  • Planning Sheet
  • Product Brochure
  • Product Specifications CUT sheets


Product Article Numbers
  • Aqualoop single membrane station: 230006
  • Standard membrane station: 230005
  • Cartridges: 230010
  • Growth media: 230025
  • Purain pre-filter: 210175


  1. Certified NSF 350C treating bath and laundry greywater.
    • Great water quality for non-potable use: toilet flushing, spray irrigation and cooling towers.
    • The lowest possible maintenance: more than 6 months with zero maintenance.
    • Ability to store treated water for extended periods.
    • Easier permitting.
  2. Disinfection is achieved through the membrane. NO additional disinfection needed for NSF 350C water quality.
    • No bag filter changes.
    • No toxic chlorine and associated chemical handling.
    • No UV bulb changes.
  3. Simple rainwater and surface water treatment for potable water
  4. Patented, low maintenance membrane cartridge technology with 0.02 micron ultra-filtration.
  5. Design is flexible for any capacity and any style tank with easy customization and standardized packages.

Aqualoop Accessories

  • Pressure Sensor
    • With temperature compensated stainless steel probe
    • For monitoring suction and back-flushing pump
    • For direct connection to the membrane station.
  • Sludge Pump
    • Includes floating switch
    • Suitable as charging pump
    • Includes 10 m connection cable