Florida Greywater Statute Explained

Florida Greywater Statute 403.892 Explained A 2022 Florida law is increasing the demand for Aqualoop greywater recycling systems supplied by Ecovie Water Management of Miami Beach, FL.  Under the statute, developers who incorporate onsite greywater recycling into their projects can qualify for building density bonuses.  The density bonus under the statute incentivizes smarter water use […]

Roers Companies Taps AQUALOOP to Recycle Greywater at 184-unit Revel Complex

LARGO, FLORIDA – An AQUALOOP greywater treatment system was recently selected by Roers Companies for its 184-unit Revel apartment complex in Largo, Florida. Ecovie Water Management, LLC worked with owner Roers Companies and the Revel design and construction team to integrate onsite greywater treatment into the building design and qualify for a 35% density bonus. […]

Jonathan Scott Shows An Easy Way to Reduce Water Usage with Aqualoop Greywater System by Ecovie

Learn the Easy Way to Reduce Water Usage from Jonathan Silver Scott Usage with Aqualoop Greywater System by Ecovie The Interesting Way Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers Reduces Water Usage at Home Water management needs to be efficient now more than ever as the world’s water crisis gets worse. We can protect natural water sources, […]