Aqualoop TAP



Potable Drinking Water Production

Disinfection of water with power-free, geodetic pressure.

AQUALOOP-TAP (AL-TAP) is a water filter for the disinfection of water. The cleaning principle is based on ultrafiltration membrane technology, upon which substances in the water, like microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, are withheld.

The result of filtration is clear, hygenic water (Pay attention to safety instructions, Cap. 2).

AL-TAP filters the water only due to the geodetic gravity and is therefore completely independent from electricity.

The following raw water sources can be treated by AL-TAP:

  • Rainwater
  • Surface water
  • River water
  • Well water

The following raw water sources cannot be treated by AQUALOOP – TAP:

  • Raw water with dissolved organic or inorganic substances which exceed the drinking water regulation limits
  • Domestic and industrial wastewater

Application areas:

  • Households, schools, homes
  • Camping grounds / Field camps
  • Emergency aid
  • Disaster response


  • No electric power necessary
  • Small footprint, only one tank
  • Easy installation, commissioning and operation
  • Removal (membrane barrier) of solids, bacteria, viruses, worm eggs
  • No chemicals necessary during operation
  • Robust process, no precision mechanical parts
  • If necessary, easy cleaning (mechanical and chemical)

Electricity Free Potable Water Treatment Aqualoop TAP Ecovie

leed credits certified
nsf 350c certified

Technical Data:

Dimension: Ø 376 x 770 mm
Tank volume: 60 L
Membrane filter surface area: 6 m²
Membrane fibre material: PE
Membrane fibre type: Hollow fibre
Average Pore Size: 0.02 µml
Temperature range: 0 – 55 °C
Max. membrane pressure: 0.7 bar
Max. free chlorine @ 25°C or less: 5000 ppm @ 5 pH during chemical cleaning
Max. cleaning load (free chlorine): 1 Mil. ppmh (cumulative hourly)
Material: HD-PE, food-safe (Tank)
Total weight incl. packing: 8 kg
Membrane cartridge service life: up to 10 years


General notes:
The membrane cartridge has two terminals, which must not be reversed.

  • The upper side has six openings and is sealed with a red cap!
  • The lower side of the filtration terminal has 24 slots. This side is provided with the elbow connection.


  1. Mount the membrane cartridge with connecting bend in the tank (locknut).
    Note: The rubber seal must lie on the inside of the container wall.
  2. Remove the yellow protective plug on the connection and screw into the storage hole in the tank lid.
    (The protective plug is required for the mechanical cleaning of the membrane.)
  3. Assemble the valve unit and ventilation hose.
  4. Place the AL‐TAP in an elevated position and assemble hose. (If necessary, shorten suction hose).