Florida Building Requirements for Greywater Reuse

Water shortage is a global issue impacting us today. The increasing pressure on water supply infrastructure has created an interest in and need to use treated wastewater for numerous non-potable water applications where the quality is not required.

What is Greywater Recycling?

Greywater recycling refers to treating wastewater from baths, sinks, and showers to be reused and fed back into a property for non-potable applications like flushing toilets. This form of recycling is best for residential properties and businesses that require a constant water supply in toilets, basins, and baths.

The acceptable quality of reused greywater for on-site applications is decided by state and local regulations, not federal. This has resulted in a range of different product approval requirements throughout the country.

Permitted Requirements and Uses for Greywater Reuse in Florida

Florida has different requirements for greywater systems for urinals and flushing toilets. Distribution piping must be accurately identified as containing non-potable water through metal tags or by pipe color. The water must be disinfected, filtered, and dyed.

Greywater storage reservoirs must be correctly sized and contain a portable water supply. They must also have overflow pipes and drains that connect indirectly with the drainage system.


In Florida, Statute 403.892 talks about the incentives for using greywater technologies. The primary aim of the statute is to promote the favorable reuse of water. For this, the state, county, municipality, or special district is required to:

  • Authorize the use of residential greywater technologies in their corresponding jurisdictions that meet the Florida Building Code requirements and another applicable requirement of the Department of Health for which a homebuilder or developer has satisfied all authorizations or regulatory permits.
  • Offer a 25% intensity or density bonus to a homebuilder or developer if a minimum of 75% of an existing or proposed development is expected to have a greywater system installed. Establishments that propose installing a 100% greywater system will receive a 35% bonus.

To apply for the incentives mentioned above, the homebuilder or developer must verify to the respective government agency that all of the below requirements are fulfilled.

  1. The existing or proposed property has at least 25 separate single-family homes or 25 multifamily residential units, including apartments.
  2. Each single-family residence must have its greywater system solely dedicated to its use. Each multifamily unit must be serviced by a system dedicated to its use by a master greywater collection and reuse system.
  3. The homebuilder or developer must submit a manufacturer’s warranty or other documents assuring that the residential greywater system will operate as intended and includes approximate potable water savings per system. The submission must come from a government agency, research institute, or building code official.
  4. The required maintenance of the greywater system will be the owner’s responsibility.
  5. The initial homeowner must supply a maintenance and operation manual for the greywater system. This document will provide the means of contacting the manufacturer or installer and include complete directions to the residential homeowner that the manual shall stay within the residence through the system’s lifespan.

Why Should you use a Greywater Recycling System?

Reusing greywater doesn’t impact the quality of your life, but it sure does improve the quality of the environment. First, it reduces the need for freshwater, significantly reducing energy bills and, consequently, pressure on the public water supply. Second, it minimizes the amount of wastewater that enters sewers or on-site treatment systems. This, in turn, not only helps the individual household but also the larger community.

Aqualoop greywater recycling systems are specifically designed for single-family residential installation. It is equipped with NSF350 Certification, so you, as a homeowner, can rest assured that the system will require the lowest possible maintenance and, at the same time, meets the desired water quality for toilet flushing, spray irrigation, and other non-potable uses.

Moreover, the system is fairly easy to maintain thanks to its patented membrane cartridge design. Its versatile nature can be seamlessly installed in a variety of configurations based on the on-site needs with below and above-ground options.

The Bottom Line

Aqualoop Greywater Recycling System by Ecovie is your one-stop solution for reducing household, municipal, or well water consumption by more than 40%. This can help you save a ton of money and become more water independent. This system can be a lifesaver if you live in a drought-prone area.

For more information, check out our technical library, which will help you understand the system and its installation procedure more effectively.