Our Expertise
In Water Management

At Ecovie, we design and deliver on-site commercial water management systems.

Green rating systems such as the International and Universal Plumbing Codes and LEED for Homes, Building Design, and Construction recognize water management and the NSF350 C greywater recycling standard under which Ecovie's Aqualoop system is certified.

We approach each project as a unique and valuable partnership, and we strive to deliver the best possible solution for you, while communicating openly every step of the way. Our main focus is on grey water recycling and rainwater collection. We also tackle black water recycling and storm water management.

Commercial Scale On-Site
Water System Design

Ecovie designs on-site commercial scale water management systems in strong collaboration with architects and engineers.

We approach the design of your grey water, rainwater, or storm water management system with the kind of insight and expertise that only a qualified water management specialist can provide. From your geographical location to your building characteristics, property attributes, budget, corporate and sustainability objectives, your business is unique.

At Ecovie, we have a standardized technical approach with flexibility in sizing and site requirements. Our main competitive advantage in design is our specific know-how of the most up to date water management equipment.

On-site Applications For
Any Source Water and Use

Different Water Sources Available

Diagram and definitions Inspired by SFPUC
(San Francisco Public Utility Commission)

rainwater collection - recycling water sources

Precipitation collected from roof top surfaces or other above ground man-made collection surfaces.

greywater recycling water sources

Includes waste water collected from bathtubs, showers, bathroom sinks, conditioning condensate and laundry.

blackwater recycling water sources

Waste water containing bodily or other biological wastes. This is discharge from toilets, urinals, dishwashers, and kitchen sinks.

storm water recycling water sources

Precipitation collected surfaces at or below grade.

foundation water recycling water sources

Nuisance groundwater that is extracted to maintain the structural integrity of the building and would otherwise be discharged to the City’s sewer system.

End Use Water
After Ecovie Purification

potable water icon

Water of a quality suitable for drinking and cooking.

hygenic water icon

Water that can be used in contact with the human body, like taking a bath or shower.

non potable water icon

Water that can be used for many purposes such as irrigation, toilet flushing, car and floor washing, laundry and cooling tower make-up.

Full System Integration

ecovie water management expertise

Ecovie works with preferred global equipment suppliers to provide the best integrated solutions.

Following project approval Ecovie can be involved as necessary, securing a successful implementation.

  • We can work with your construction managers and other disciplines to develop a project timeline that integrates the systems in the most efficient way
  • We develop detailed installation instruction documents
  • We are available during the construction phase
  • We commission the system to verify if it functions according to its design objectives or specifications

Exclusive Distribution of
INTEWA Products in the USA

INTEWA and Ecovie are recognized for innovation, quality, and expert knowledge.

INTEWA develops and manufactures innovative products for rain water collection, grey water recycling and storm water management.

The AQUALOOP MBMBR grey water recycling system is the only system that can purify water to the level of NSF350 C commercial and the BS 8525 European requirements.

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