Florida Greywater Statute Explained

Florida Greywater Statute 403.892 Explained

A 2022 Florida law is increasing the demand for Aqualoop greywater recycling systems supplied by Ecovie Water Management of Miami Beach, FL.  Under the statute, developers who incorporate onsite greywater recycling into their projects can qualify for building density bonuses.  The density bonus under the statute incentivizes smarter water use through greywater recycling and enhances the financial return on new projects.   

Reason for the new law:

Florida is growing which means the demand for more housing is growing as well.  At the same time, increased population increases environmental stress on waterways from increased wastewater discharge and freshwater demand.  There is a need to find smart development methods that allow for growth and needed housing while also managing water quality in estuaries, the Everglades, and coastal areas.  Florida Statute 403.892 does just that by incentivizing adoption of onsite greywater recycling.

Qualifying for the Greywater Density Bonus:

Florida Statute 403.892 offers important incentives to multi-family home developers and home builders to adopt solutions for treating and reusing the drain water (e.g. greywater) from baths, showers, bathroom sinks, and the laundry. The primary aim of the statute is to promote reuse of this water for non-potable purposes such as toilet flushing and irrigation.  To date, systems have qualified for the full 35% density bonus where the end use is toilet flushing in each dwelling unit.

Requirements in a nutshell:

  • The development must have at least 25 multi-family dwelling units or 25 single family homes.
  • Multi-family projects can have one central greywater system to service all units. Single family development can have either a central system or a separate greywater system in each home.
  • Multi-family developments must be 5 stories or less in height.
  • Developers receive a 35% density bonus if 100% of units are served by treated greywater. If 75% of units are served, a 25% density bonus is granted.
  • Greywater systems must be certified to meet Florida’s requirements for onsite greywater treatment, and must be backed by a 2-year warranty.

Know More About the Statute:

Click here see actual legislative wording of 403.892.

Now What?

For more information about Aqualoop systems, please contact Ecovie at https://www.ecoviewater.com/contact/. We’d be delighted to talk to you and to set up informational meetings.

Did You Know?

  NSF350 CertificationFlorida Building Code requires NSF350 certification for greywater systems used for toilet flushing. The AQUALOOP greywater system is  the only system certified by NSF International to the Class C (commercial) category of  NSF 350 Standard.

Click here for the official NSF 350 listings for commercial (C) and single family homes (R) for greywater and blackwater.