Aqualoop Greywater at Silver Star Affordable Housing, Los Angeles

NSF350 CertificationOur featured project is a great example of sustainable urbanization.  The recently commissioned greywater system at Silver Star Apartments in Los Angeles uses NSF 350 certified Aqualoop to help meet its water sustainability goals.  With its sustainable and affordable housing goals meeting the needs of an important part of our community, Silver Star consists of 48 one-bedroom units. The development is a 100% special needs community providing homes for veterans who were homeless and have disabilities.  With a mix of courtyards and a community facility, the project creates naturally flowing interaction spaces and varied outdoor spaces for an at-risk population of veterans, helping to promote a healthy lifestyle and communal activity. Further, it incorporates an innovative, publicly accessible herb garden at the street front, in addition to edible landscaping throughout the site.  The LEED Platinum development is the first Zero Net Energy (ZNE) multi-family, an affordable housing project in Los Angeles.

Ecovie & Partners

The project was carried out by Ecovie Water Management in collaboration with our local LA manufacturer’s representative, Weil Aquatronics of Norwalk, CA, and green engineering firm Biohabitats.  We coordinated from conceptual design, permitting, through execution.  The system was expertly installed by Sierra Commercial Plumbing of Simi Valley, CA. Ecovie is the exclusive distributor in the U.S. for Aqualoop greywater recycling equipment.  Aqualoop is manufactured and distributed globally by Intewa, GmbH of Aachen, Germany. 

Aqualoop water recycling Ecovie Water Management
Aqualoop water recycling Ecovie Water Management

System Design

The Aqualoop MBR system captures laundry, shower, and bathroom sink water from the apartments and treats it using 4 x Aqualoop GW1800L units in an underground bioreactor.  The NSF 350 treated water is then used in the building for toilet flushing and outside for irrigation.  The system is projected to supply 40% of the building’s water needs or around 700,000 gallons per year.  This means there will be a reduction of this amount of municipal water used as well as a similar reduction in wastewater treatment load from the discharge from the building.  System operation and water turbidity are continuously monitored and recorded.

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