Aqualoop Greywater System Approved for Downtown Los Angeles High Rise

A large-scale Aqualoop greywater recycling system with NSF 350 certification for commercial-scale buildings has been approved without restrictions by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS). The system will be part of The Fig + Pico project, a 42-story hotel tower in downtown Los Angeles opening in 2022. In compliance with the LA City ordinance that requires the use of non-potable water sources to supply 100% of the cooling tower makeup water in every new building over 25 stories, the Aqualoop system will collect shower water from the 727 guest rooms and treat it for cooling tower makeup.

LA county’s onsite water reuse requirements and Aqualoop’s NSF 350 independent 3rd party listing allow the Aqualoop system to forgo costly onsite testing required in LA County for systems which do not have this listing.  This is a benefit in all jurisdictions throughout the US in allowing easier permitting for greywater recycling systems.

NSF 350 certification also ensures a highly reliable system that is low maintenance and yields high-quality water.  For more information on the NSF 350 testing protocol, see the video below. 

Fig + Pico Greywater Process

The Fig + Pico design is sized to capture an average of 12,850 gallons of shower water per day and treat it to NSF 350 water quality standards.  This is done using 9 Aqualoop GW5400L NSF 350 listed units.  To comply with NSF 350, the Aqualoop manufacturer, Intewa GmbH is required to complete an engineering design report to show details of the system design and compliance with the certification for scale-up.

The entire process is controlled by the Intewa Connect central panel, which communicates with the Building Management system and the Internet through an encrypted connection for full remote monitoring and control.

Ecovie Water Management supplied the system through its Southern California manufacturer’s representative, Weil Aquatronics in Norwalk, CA.  The installing contractor is Murray Company Mechanical Contractors and the General contractor is Suffolk Construction.   Ecovie and Weil worked with the engineering firm South Coast Engineering Group, Inc. to size, design, and permit the Aqualoop system.