Ecovie Greywater & Rainwater System Permitted For UBER Global Headquarters

SAN FRANCISCO – The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has issued a district-level permit for Ecovie greywater and rainwater water system being implemented in the Uber Global Headquarters. This new purpose-built building will straddle 3rd street in the Mission Bay district San Francisco. As the building goes beyond a single building the project required a district-level permit.

Uber’s New Global Headquarters

The San Francisco Headquarters for Uber Technologies, located in the heart of Mission Bay, is comprised of one 6 story structure and one 11 story structure connected by transparent bridges spanning Pierpoint Lane. Both buildings feature state-of-the-art motorized, “breathing” facades which open to full height atriums blurring the lines between interior and exterior space. Included in the program are offices, cafes, childcare, and ground-floor retail. Quezada Architecture is collaborating with SHoP Architects NYC on the architecture which is slated for completion in 2019.

Uber Building Water System Ecovie Water Rainwater Harvesting Onsite water Management
Uber Building Water System Ecovie Water Rainwater Harvesting Onsite water Management

The Rainwater & Greywater System Being Implemented

The water system being implemented within the building meets SFPUC’s requirement for reducing municipal water demand by at least 25%, this is done through leading Ecovie on-site water management technologies. This is the first district-level permit granted under the new SFPUC regulations for water treatment.

The water system for the twin high rise headquarters for Uber will consist of both rainwater and greywater collection on each building with a centralized treatment for each water source. Rainwater will come from the 45,000 square feet of rooftop from the building while the greywater will come from facility showers and lavatories within the building.

Uber HQ Onsite Water Treatment Greywater Ecovie Water Management
Uber HQ Onsite Water Treatment Greywater Ecovie Water Management

Onsite Water Treatment Greywater & Rainwater

The separate rainwater and greywater treatments will meet SFPUC’s stringent requirements following a risk-based approach for water quality and safety.

Rainwater treatment will use proven treatment methodology from Aqua Treatment Services (ATS) which exceeds typical treatment for non-potable applications. The Greywater treatment uses Aqualoop technology, the only process certified for NSF350 C commercial scale greywater recycling for indoor non-potable uses.   Following Aqualoop, NSF350 C water passes through additional treatment to meet SFPUC requirements.  This treatment uses EPA 3rd party certified treatment for potable surface water, also provided by ATS. The treated rainwater and greywater will be the primary sources of water for toilet flushing in the 422,000 square foot complex. By collecting and treating water onsite the use of municipal water demand will be reduced by at least 25%.

Collaborative System Design & Implementation

The water system was designed by local San Francisco firm, Heat Transfer Equipment Company (HTEC) in close collaboration with ourselves, Ecovie of Miami Beach FL. The engineer of record for the design is Alfa Tech, San Francisco. The system will be installed by United Mechanical also a local Bay area firm.

HTEC is the sole provider of Aqualoop technology in Northern California & Ecovie is the exclusive distributor in the U.S. Aqualoop is manufactured and distributed globally by Intewa, GmbH of Aachen, Germany.

Further Details & Contacts

For further details on the project or for new inquiries, please get in contact using the details below.

Contact: HTEC: phone: (650) 873-4353

Contact: Ecovie: phone: 305-928-6343