rainmaster pump
Rainmaster pump systems come in two models, the Favorit for commercial use and the Eco for residential use


The ultimate in ease of installation, with lower installed costs and unsurpassed reliability.

The ultimate in ease of installation with lower installed cost and unsurpassed reliability

Effective pumping can be a big challenge in design, installation, and start up. Pump reliability over time can be a source of extra maintenance.

Rainmaster pump systems offer the ultimate ease of installation, while providing high operating reliability. The all-in-one fully automatic system delivers high performance and ensures a lower installed cost of your on-site water system.

Compared to other pump systems:

  • It uses up to 75% less energy
  • It is 70% quieter
  • It has up to 40% more service life

Rainmaster pump systems are rigorously tested after manufacturing. They are sized for a service point up to 60 gallons per minute, enough for any residential and many commercial applications.

Rainmaster pumps have been in the market for more than 15 years, and thousands of units are running worldwide.